books. poems. inspiration.

Some books of poems i have, that have left some lasting impressions.

I Shall Not Be Moved by Maya Angelou.

 i brought this book from a second-hand book dealer in Pune. i think it was mainly to make an impression among my “intellectual” “friends”. But reading it changed my perspective about many things.


We Sinful Women. Inspired my first zine, much much later.


Namdeo Dhasal‘s book of poems, translated by Dilip Chitre, “Poet of the Underworld” contains some amazing bits from his iconic works like Golpitha, and Gandu Bagichaa.


Used to have  W H Auden‘s  “The Unknown Citizen” stuck on the pin-board at my desk in the box.  Image

These books are not poem-books, but sheer poetry nevertheless. Haruki Murakami‘s South of the Border, West of the Sun, is lyrical. Inspired another zine of mine.

Milan Kundera‘s The Unbearable Lightness of Being was probably the first poem I read in prose.


There are plenty of other poets I like. I do not have their books with me though…


But Ghalib? I pick his book when I’m deliriously happy. And again, when I’m down in the pits.

Ghalib has saved me countless times. ‘nuf said.


Who are your favorites?


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  1. Thank you – I’ll check some of these out 🙂

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