Oh Calcutta!

Spent the entire week trampling across Calcutta 😀
Despite having been to the city twice before, I explored the city in a much better way this time. By walking around the city…with K and the Boy.

Took a boat ride across the Ganges, took a tour inside Howrah Station, and then….walked along the Howrah Bridge. (or Rabindra Setu, as its called now)

Walked around the gardens of the Victoria Memorial, as it lit up against a twilight sky.

The last time i’d gone there, they were still building this bridge! The Vidyasagar Setu. Could just take a ride across it though.

And ended our walks up Park Street pigging out on icecreams and brownies here 🙂

and on chillo-kabbabs here.

Another big first – attended a Muhurat of a Tollywood film!!! (the chap whose head you see in the bottom left of the photo is the film’s hero!)

Frankly, I’ve not had enough of the city though. But it was a fun start, nevertheless 🙂


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