Bluesy Blue Blue…..

Staying at home for 9 months and watching your growing belly erupt into a child can be an educational experience too. Look what I learnt

1. Pregnancy is a huge scam. It goes on for too long, meandering through its cumbersome course for ever. I ask here, “Is this the best You could come up with???”

2. Labor is even more ghastly. If you try to motivate yourself with a “the worst is yet to come’ line, forget it. You are already there.

3. Motherhood is akin to handing a baseball bat to the world and saying “come, whack me.” Whatever you do, you will always be wrong, sister. You will be whacked.

4. Motherhood is also a default setting. You will be the primary caregiver by default. No one is resetting this into a ‘custom’ thing. Default stays.

5. Cribbing about pregnancy, cursing labour, and believing that only vasectomies will lead to world peace does not mean that you don’t love your child. BUT NO ONE WILL EVER GET THIS.

6. And as someone said in ‘Desperate Housewives’, “there will be times you will be lonely, but you will never be alone”.

Bluesy Blue Blue…..


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4 Responses to Bluesy Blue Blue…..

  1. J says:

    Blue seems to be your favourit colour these days…;-). Give me a buzz whenever you want to crib…!!!

  2. Rajni says:

    A smile from N and I’m sure your day turns bright with sunshine even in this season!

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