…is my favourite colour. Even though i am feeling blue.

This is not how i imagined this post to be. i have a litany of woes to narrate. but time has got in my way, and swept many off the list. but i still have some things to say.

1. doctors are sadists. we are closer to building colonies on the moon than finding a safe and reliable pain relief for labour.

2. people can be uncommonly unkind. if you ever visit a newborn and his/her mother, try to limit your vocab within these words – ‘cute’ and ‘sweet’. that’s it. don’t go gaga, don’t undermine. shut the fuck up.

3. be kind enough to ask the new mother how she is feeling. she may cry, she may crib. she will also be eternally grateful you asked. and then…shut the fuck up.

so here’s debuting The Kid


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Photographer. Procrastinator.
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One Response to Pink…

  1. Abhipraya says:

    I love baby feet pics đŸ™‚ As for the rest of the post, you know I agree.

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