Shadow Shot Sunday #25 (78)

Some shadows, some light.


For more interesting shadows, check out Harriet’s Blog.

PS. I’ve been uploading very low res photos, which looks fine on the web, but is actually unprintable. Just heard that despite the “no stealing” statement, someone was using these photos as their google talk images without permission. Hence the obvious watermark. I’m very sorry to have to put it, but… 😦


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17 Responses to Shadow Shot Sunday #25 (78)

  1. Marvelous shadow shot! Very peaceful and moving at the same time!

    Enjoy your day!


  2. chrome3d says:

    But what are the some thoughts behind the hands?

  3. thorgun says:

    Mmmm,, Nice, a lot of feeling. Makes me calm, and makes me think.

  4. Sarah says:

    That is a lovely shot-very meditative somehow.
    On the other point-some people just have no morals! How dod you find out?

  5. Tracy says:

    A beautiful photo. It perfectly conveys all of those wonderful heartwarming things such as love, peace, compassion and friendship. Sorry to hear that somebody had been using your images without asking. That sucks big time! The watermark isn’t really all that obvious anyway 🙂

  6. BLOGitse says:

    Stylish! Happy SSS! 🙂

  7. sailor says:

    It’s beautiful, no wonder someone is using it for themselves but its wrong!

    Please check out shadows in Chinhae

  8. robin says:

    simply lovely…i so love photos of hands…great shot…sorry someone is using your images…

  9. Sweet Repose says:

    What beautiful hands of man, so sad that we must steal from our brothers and sisters to reach our own goals…but they are never really achieved in their minds, knowing the truth…

  10. Dorte says:

    Such a beautiful shadow shot … and thanks for your comments on my blog 🙂
    I havn’t posted a sss for some time … I think I will start again and I really enjoy the concept!

  11. Dimple says:

    Beautiful and meditative. Sorry others are not respecting your ownership of your images.

  12. Molokai Girl says:

    Absolutely stunning image!!

  13. whizkid says:

    Thank you friends, your comments mean a lot to me!

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