Shadow Shot Sunday # 17 (63)

Some shadows from our leisurely walk through Pune University yesterday. The University grounds used to be the residence of the Governor of Bombay, during British times. These pictures are taken from Alice Park, inside the univ grounds. A thickly wooded, lush green space with a cement pond, and Alice’s tomb.

I have no idea who Alice is. Different stories do the rounds every year. Some call her the erstwhile Governor’s mistress, or girlfriend, or mother, daughter, aunt….you get the drift. Ms Alice is also supposed to have died from anything from a heartbreak to tuberculosis.

Let me add that this information is completely unauthenticated. They are simply part of every student’s collective imagination. I couldn’t take a picture of the tomb tho’. Too many couples around…;)

Alice Park

The basket in the foreground in the above picture, is the gardeners’ basket for collecting dead leaves.

And it was weaving a shadow by itself 🙂

These photos are part of Shadow Sunday Shot, a weekly meme hosted by Hey Harriet. Hop on to her blog for some wonderful shadow shots from around the world. Happy Sunday!


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19 Responses to Shadow Shot Sunday # 17 (63)

  1. Fantastic, rich, mysterious shots!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Vicki says:

    These are wonderful. There is such a melancholy feel about them, and the framing, colors and textures are beautiful. Nicely done!

  3. Marvelous shadow shots and I have to agree that there is a melancholy feeling about them. Your composition is terrific!
    Have a lovely weekend!


  4. Alice looks like a beautiful place, and what a talented basket to weave it’s own shadow!:)
    Karla & Karrie

  5. Bobbie says:

    A very lovely park, and I really love the basket.

  6. Robyn says:

    Beautiful, haunting shots. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  7. Sweet Repose says:

    We both caught the beauty of a basket today, sweet delicate shadows in a beautiful light.

  8. MeANderi says:

    Absolutely lovely shots capturing the serenity of this beautiful place! Thank you… Love the basket shadows!

  9. Tracy says:

    Such cool basket shadows but it’s that first photo that I’m totally in love with! Wow! University grounds over here are very boring in comparison. I wish I could stroll along the path featured in your first photo!

  10. Shannon says:

    That third shot of the basket and it’s shadow is so simple, so quaint… and I LOVE it! The patterns left by the weaving are very nice!

  11. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    along the footpath
    gardener’s wicker basket
    sits empty, waiting

    My Shadow Shots

  12. Chie says:

    Looks spooky around but when I saw the lovely basket, my thoughts changed to the gardener picking up all the leaves in the path.

    Lovely shot, indeed, girl… U always rock in ur shots!


  13. what a lovely basket with lovely shadows…. i can imagine the mysterious Alice wandering through the gardens with a basket like that…

  14. Chris says:

    I see that chasing shadows has turned you into a “basket case”, lol.

    Great shadows and interesting back story on the basket.

  15. dianne says:

    lush and lovely
    and I love how Alice has so many stories

  16. Jacqui says:

    I love these shots – tha basket it such a simple shape, but beutiful. We are both in academic mode this week, but different perspectives.

  17. floreta says:

    i love the natural lighting and lush green!

  18. whizkid says:

    Thanks so much everyone!! your comments keep me going :), and yes chris, turning me into a ‘basket case’ too 😀 😀

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