Raining. Reading.

Going by the news on TV, Bombay seems to have drowned to its depths and re-emerged today. But really, does this not happen every year?  Despite everything,  I completely trust Railways in this regard. Trains will be delayed, they’ll be stuck, there may be no announcements….but trains will move. One can only be patient and wait it out. *

So anyways, thats what i did today noon. I reached VT after my meeting, I saw, and I headed to the nearest book shop. Brought two books. Waited out three hours in an office, and came back home comfortably and convieniently. So much for train trauma.

Kari made my journey even more pleasant. Brought this fantastic graphic novel by writer-illustrator Amruta Patil. Very gripping and intense illustrations.


I liked this book. And loved a segment where Kari talks about  travelling in the local train of “smog city”. “Our eyes dart towards her, but we go back to travelling in too much proximity. Two inches from one another and expresionless.”


A decent review of the book is here and here. The author Amruta Patil blogs here .


i do not however endorse the foolhardiness of getting out of home when you know that trains are not running, and July 26th, 05 was an anomally.


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