Tales of Woe and the Disappearing Act

Bombay being Bombay, landlords, rents, evictions, construction, destruction and rehabilitation are a way of life. So i came back from Himachal missing “home”, only to find that we had to look for a new roof altogether. For the past one month, that’s what me and K did. On the road again, for the fourth time in four years. Broker after broker, house after house, cracked walls, peeling paint, broken tiles, ghastly furniture, pigeon nests….this city….this terrible terrible city. gaaahh.

Anyways, we got rescued and moved. This area is not an urban jungle as yet. Trains from here do not as yet carry people like sardines. Still, its three trains, two networks away from my mom. For how long, you ask? Till the time i just about begin to get settled. Usually coincides with the time to call in the packers. Odd, how history always repeats itself.

So appologies for the disappearing act.

Some boxes remain unpacked, but the books are up, and so is the computer. The camera though is yet to see some action. Much indeed has happened since I last posted. Missed three Shadow Shot Sundays, the rains are here, and Micheal Jackson is no more. But as Ghalib says, “ghalib-e-khasta ke bagair, kaun se kaam band hai…”.

So depsite everything, new beginnings do occur. And i’ll just continue take out the camera, click, download and post 🙂

This particular one is mustard sprouting away on a rainy day, in the new ‘home’.

Mustard green


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6 Responses to Tales of Woe and the Disappearing Act

  1. abhipraya says:

    Missed your SSS 🙂 This explains. Welcome back. Here’s to new beginnings 🙂

  2. whizkid says:

    thanks abhipraya 🙂
    things all pink at your end i hear 😉

  3. J says:

    was wondering on the absence of posts for a long time…now i know:)

  4. J says:

    june has come and gone…it’s already mid july, what are your travel plans for the rest of the year???:-)

  5. whizkid says:

    kerala..aug 25th to sept 4th 🙂 onam in calicut.
    But does it count as “travelling?” ha ha.

    Btw, are you there around that time? we can hit the road in between, and maybe give the guys a chance too 😉

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