Himachal Pradesh: Mountain Views

From the numerous photos i took on the trip to HP, i think some theme-based photo series can be done.
Here’s the first one: Mountain Views from Himachal Pradesh. These photos were shot at village Panihali, Rajgarh, and Nohradhar in Dist. Sirmour, Chail in Dist. Solan, and Shimla, Hp, India.

Dawn at village Panihali. The only dawn photo i managed in the trip. Was all cuddled up in blankets in the chilly weather for most other mornings.

Enroute to Rajgarh. Caught these early morning streaks of sunlight caressing mountain tops

Enroute to Nohradhar, situated at more than 8000 ft above sea level. Its about 30 kms from Rajgarh. Chilly weather, decent stay option and beautiful views.

Early morning mist in the hills around Chail.

Terraced farming – Nohradar

These hills are terraced too… – Shimla


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4 Responses to Himachal Pradesh: Mountain Views

  1. chris says:

    Wow…..simply AWESOME shots, in the true meaning of the word awesome.

  2. whizkid says:

    Thanks chris!

  3. sandeep chuahan says:

    wow its really heavan

  4. whizkid says:

    thanks sandeep!

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