Himachali Wedding…

…or as much i could capture of it.

I have inherent issues with the so called “big fat indian wedding”. But, then again, there are people who prefer such weddings, so what can one say.

But this himachali wedding was really a pleasant surprise. It was a smallish wedding, very low key. The wedding-eve party at the groom’s house was on the rooftop of his village home, in the hills, with an amazing view. There were no professional caterers, the whole village pitched in to cook. The music was no blaring hindi cinema songs – musicians played the soothing bagpiper! very cool, i thought.

The view from the party “hall” 🙂

an evening of colours, people and happiness

dancing to the tune of bagpipers. this was really a first for me.

wedding ritualistic designs – no escaping them

guests at the wedding in traditional himachali dress


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3 Responses to Himachali Wedding…

  1. chris says:

    Man, that mountain shot puts the Smoky Mountains here to shame! Great capture!

  2. whizkid says:

    🙂 Thanks chris! more mountain shots coming up soon…

  3. galleryjuana says:

    Beautiful shot of the hills and wedding celebration. The henna designs are incredible.

    Thanks for photographing your package of goodies from Hey harriet’s sss anniversary giveaway.

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