Shadow Shot Sunday 10 (#53)

Some ‘home views’ from a rural village in Maharashtra, India this week. The low, slanting roofs keep the house in cool shadows in the hot summer months.



sss 3

A happy announcement: 🙂
Last week Shadow Shot Sunday hosted by Harriet, at her blog, celebrated its first year anniversary, with fine photos from around the world, and a giveaway to one lucky winner. That lucky one turned out to be me! 😀

And these are the fantastic gifts in the SSS 1st anniversary giveaway.
sss giveaway prize

(1) Eco friendly hand-pulled screen printed camera journal made with FSC certified Mohawk paper by Disconsolator (2) TTV volumes 1 & 2, mini zines of ‘TtV’ photos shot in NYC, including a bunch of stickers by Kate Black (3) Original Yashica-D ACEO sized pencil, ink and acrylic artwork on Japanese Washi postcard, signed and dated, by Gallery Juana (who’s also a regular shadow shooter!) (4) Polaroid book zine, a 14 page compilation of photos taken with a Polaroid Sun 600 camera during 2006-08 by vhswins (6) Limited edition signed & numbered Vintage Camera Retro Pop Art Print by Monster Gallery (7) Cute & colourful collection of retro style camera pinbacks/badges by Barrel Of Monkeys (8) Mini art canvas peace magnet, ink on vintage kodacolor II 620 film backing paper by Harriet. (9) A choice of any four TtV photo prints from Harriet’s Etsy shop.

This is so exciting!! Thanks Harriet!

Do visit the SSS post, at Harriet’s blog for some incredible shots from around the world. And it would be great if you join in as well!


* SSS giveaway collage and its text was prepared by Harriet. Thanks.


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20 Responses to Shadow Shot Sunday 10 (#53)

  1. Great shadow shots! Love the deep roofs, that would help keeping the house cool! Really interesting, thanks!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Chie says:

    Wonderful shots! I missed the ambiance as am from the Philippines.

    Have a happy w/end!

  3. Congrats Whizkid! Love your shadow shots! Happy SSS! 🙂

  4. Sweet Repose says:

    Congrats on your prize…I love these shots, it’s so fun to see other worlds in shadows. Have a great weekend, enjoy your winnings!

  5. Love your shadow shots this week of the rural village. It reminds me of my trip to one of the smaller cook islands where nearly every house had a goat and a grave in their front yard. They all had TVs too, which took me by surprise. A big congrats on winning the Hey Harriet prize, I’m oh so jealous 😉

  6. Harriet says:

    I love these sweet glimpses into your part of the world. Lucky there’s plenty of shade because I imagine the temps would get very hot there!

    I’m so happy that you are so happy about winning the prize pack. Thanks heaps for including the giveaway collage and all the Etsy shop links here. They were all such nice Etsy folk to deal with, so it’s great that you’ve mentioned them on your blog 🙂

  7. Brandi says:

    Congrats on winning Hey Harriet’s fab prizes!
    Love your photos!
    Happy SSS

  8. Bobbie says:

    Congratulations on your win! and on your lovely photos here.

  9. galleryjuana says:

    Congratulations on your win! I always enjoy coming to your blog for a tour of India.

  10. Teneale says:

    Congrats Whizkid !! Great shots, and happy SSS !

  11. Gemma says:

    First, congrats on your win! Great to see your excitement!

    And love these photos! Definitely looks like a hot day in India needing those low slanting roofs!

  12. abhipraya says:


  13. Love the line & texture of that roof! Congratulations on winning the BIG prize! Enjoy!

  14. Dorte says:

    Congratulations on your win 🙂
    Really great post and shadow shots!

  15. Linda says:

    Thanks for sharing a different culture with us. Congrats on the win!

  16. Nice shots! The land looks so parched. That last one looks like a welcome relief….ahhh, the cool evening.

  17. Oh…and congrats on your win! Lucky:D

  18. whizkid says:

    Thank you all for you kind comments and wishes!

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