Crafty Ideas – with the 50 mm

I once read somewhere that you can gauge the worth of a lens by the shape of its Bokeh. Essentially, its how point sources of light show up when shot out of focus. Though I’d been trying for sometime, i never had any decent results.

This morning I came across this DIY site for photography here. I dug around a bit and bingo! this tutorial on making your own bokeh came up.

Okay. So I got together my really mean craft ‘skills’, my Nikon 50 mm lens and went to work. Half a day’s effort went phut. No bokeh. No nothing. As K said, the main reason was there was no point source of light for the bokeh to be really effective.

Then, finally, after dark, I got this!


The Nikon 50 mm f1.8 lens gave this bokeh


And this is the original subject in focus



To know more about Bokeh, check out the reliable Ken Rockwell's page
on the subject here 
My mean crafty skills demand that I exercise restraint in
showing the heart-bokeh hood I made. ;)



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6 Responses to Crafty Ideas – with the 50 mm

  1. Abhipraya says:

    This is simply awesome I say! Love the heart thingie!

  2. whizkid says:

    Thanks! It was fun experimenting 🙂

  3. Harriet says:

    Your experiments look great to me! Those colourful floating hearts are sweet! I’ve never tried this before, so I’ll check out those links you shared 🙂

  4. ” I prefer to sit back and keep in focus. ” ” I hope many of you find this as funny as I do “, the shape said.

  5. J says:

    i love the floating, colourful hearts….awesome!!!

    you have got hearts and circle, try for some stars now…:)

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