Shadow Shot Sunday 9 (#52)

India’s election results were out yesterday, and television channels were blaring seat-by-seat account of poll results. But its not news unless you read it in the newspapers. Was glad to see the newspaper-boy this morning who turned up with not just the papers but a shadow as well 🙂


Head over to Harriet’s blog for interesting shadow shots from around the world. It is also Shadow Shot Sunday’s first anniversary, so some celebrations are in order. Happy Sunday!

(ps. This photo was taken from my mom’s house where i was for the weekend.)


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15 Responses to Shadow Shot Sunday 9 (#52)

  1. Harriet says:

    I bet the young man wished he was doing his paper rounds on that motorbike instead of his pushie. A much speedier delivery process! But his pushie casts a much cooler shadow than the motorbkie ever could. It’s a really superb shot! I imagine it would look great in black and white also! I hope you were happy with the election results 🙂

  2. whizkid says:

    Thanks Harriet! …and yes, the election results were very satisfying.

  3. galleryjuana says:

    Interesting to see how the paper is delivered! It must be nice and warm in your Mom’s city in India. I was wearing my suede coat today in northern Japan. I don’t mind the chilly weather. It’s better than humid weather.

    • whizkid says:

      Same here -i prefer chilly weather anytime. Its extremely hot here right now and we are all eagerly awaiting rains.

  4. sylvia says:

    What a great shadow shot! Love it! Happy SSS!

  5. Chie says:

    I recognised how he delivered newspaper. I came from the Philippines and of course this the way we use to see.


  6. Raven says:

    Hope you got the election results you wanted along with a great shadow shot!

  7. So…he’s delivering shadows this weekend then? Love the perspective you caught him at!
    Happy SSS!

  8. and what a beautiful shadow he delivered along with the newspapers..look forward to reading your response to the election results..

  9. Chickensue says:

    Hope the election went the way you wanted…this is a great shadow shot…very very much the contrast of the old bike with the new motorbike. Shadows and social commentary!

  10. M.Kate says:

    Nice shot! Happy week ahead….

  11. Ali says:

    what an interesting shot – great shadow!

  12. whizkid says:

    Thanks all!

    To answer your question – yes, election results turned out great nationally. As one of our newspapers put it “India was surprised by the way Indians voted’ . Hopefully, we shall see five years of stable government.

    btw, the guy i voted for, in our region, did not make the cut! 🙂

  13. Teneale says:

    very cool shot, and well done on winning the 1st year anniversary prize !

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