I’m Every Woman…

This image has been gracing the ladies compartments of local trains in Bombay for ever now. An artist’s rendition, perhaps of the kind of woman who would commute. Turned out that women of all shapes, sizes, colours, and clothes decided to board trains. Yet, decades later, this fair, kohl-eyed, pallu-holding, red-bindi sporting, mangalsutra wearing, clearly Hindu lady with dainty red lips continues to represent Bombay’s diverse women commuters.

At the moment, new rakes with violet paints are being introduced every few months. In this mix of old and new train rakes, I once spotted a religious-symbol-neutral, faceless woman on the violet trains. I fear that our fancy lady ‘s days are numbered. And certainly the “modern” metro, whenever it comes, is not going to accommodate her.

So before she is faded-out, i managed to catch her in the train today – our very own ‘Every Woman’



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One Response to I’m Every Woman…

  1. Chickensue says:

    Fascinating information…she is an iconic image…very redolant of an era! Good to capture her image before it vanishes.

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