Warli Art

For a while it seemed that most people around me were either organizing a summer camp, or busy attending one. So, when I saw an ad for a summer Warli painting workshop, i jumped in as well. Spent this sunday seated on a small school bench, head bent, with pencil stuck to paper learning Warli painting .

Warli’s are a tribe in Maharashtra, mainly concentrated in Dahanu, Palghar, Wada, Jawhar and Mokhada areas of Thane dist. Traditionally, Warli women would adorn the walls of their homes using a ‘paint’ made of rice flour. Their drawings are distinct in characteristics, simple to execute, and usually depict the rural way of life. Today Warli art is famous all over, and keenly sought by lovers of ‘folk art’. It can be rendered on paper, fabric or walls, and its simple enough for amateurs to pick up fast.

Thing is, one got to learn quite a bit more than just warli painting. My distaste for formal school learning processes has grown; i cannot bear to sit in a classroom that follows a top-down teaching methodology and i surely cannot sit in one spot from 10 to 5 doing just one job. I went through 15-17 years of formal schooling, and that’s it man. no more.

As for Warli painting itself, yes, did learn the traditional motifs, painted on card stock, fabric and a pot. Did tolerably well, though personally, i found it difficult to stick to prescribed formats to draw. I infinitely prefer free flowing lines and multiple colours. The things we learn…!




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6 Responses to Warli Art

  1. Chris says:

    The pottery would have also made a wonderful SSS. Thanks for the interesting information about the Warli’s.

    • whizkid says:

      thanks chris.

      (i actually put up this particular pottery shot to hide my awful painting on it :))

  2. rohini says:

    i made this painting on pot.it looks beatiful.thanks.

  3. rohini says:

    i made this painting on pot.it looks beatiful.thanks.please,give more patterns for pottery design.

  4. tejal says:

    very very very nice……. !!! 🙂 but may i ask some questions about warli art or the meanings of warli paintings ? because i need this for my tribal arts’ studies.

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