Shadow Shot Sunday #4 (47)

Our streetlights are sulphur lamps, casting an mellow orange glow over whatever it feels like. It’s all the more stark when there’s a power cut in residences, while street lights continue to burn ferociously.

The first photo is a view from my 5th floor window. A power cut in the summer heat brought the women outside. They sat around waiting, chatting, feeling the slightest of breezes, and casting these stark shadows.


Light from the street-lamps also made it into my home. Caught these shadows playing on the bedroom wall.


Shadow Shot Sunday’s page on Harriet’s blog will be filling in fast today. Do check out some fantastic shadow shots from around the world.


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16 Responses to Shadow Shot Sunday #4 (47)

  1. Bobbie says:

    What eerie shadows! Kiind of interesting. Makes you want to start thinking of stories to fit the mood.

  2. sylvia says:

    Those shadows are eerie, but really interesting at the same time! I agree with Bobbie, makes you want to think of some stories!

  3. ctmott says:

    What interesting did a wonderful job..
    Happy Easter and SSS..

  4. Raven says:

    Very interesting shadows – just the two colours give it extra strength.

  5. Beautiful shadows in that light. 😉

  6. Chickensue says:

    Great colours in these shadow shots..very atmospheric. Somehow scary and enticing at thesame time.

  7. We just love night shadows – the color & depth are wonderful!

  8. Harriet says:

    The top photo really appeals to me! Without knowing the details about it, I think I’d find it a little unsettling with the eerie look to it. That’s what I love about it. Very haunting! And yes, as someone mentioned above, VERY atmospheric. It certainly wouldn’t be out of place in a ‘fine art photography’ category! Super shot!

  9. Very fascinating shadows. I love the red colours. Happy Easter!

  10. whizkid says:

    Thanks everyone! and Happy Easter to all of you

  11. galleryjuana says:

    Really cool shadow shots. I don’t think I have ever seen sulphur street lights.

  12. Robyn says:

    The first image is screaming to be turned into a movie. Mind you, I would be hiding behind the seat, cowardy custard that I am. You take the most beautiful photographs.

  13. These are really moody atmospheric shots…wonderful!!

  14. ahab says:

    So sorry I’m late, but I liked your shadow shots, and the explanations are even better!

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