Crafty ideas :)

For some days now, I’ve been looking for a small handy book with blank pages. But I was truly surprised to come across a nice hardbound book with a Rs. 350/- tag. That was really a bit too much. So I decided to make myself a book. Now, though i love doing craft projects, I usually end up with an item with no finish to it. Yesterday turned out to be a bit surprising though. I came across this really simple way of making a book from this craft site Little Birdie Secrets

So I popped into the market, got some clean papers, hardboard, and coloured threads. Assembled all my glue, and cutters, and went on to make a book. Well, three hours, and one broken drill-bit later, i made myself a pair of nice looking blank books. 😀


I’m really pleased with myself!

ps. Before i began, i dreamed of making lots of these books and giving them away to my nieces and friends. I had hopes of posting them with handwritten notes, and handmade bookmarks in it and all.. Now, after all the hard work i had to do to make these two books..i’m beginning to think otherwise. But then again, maybe not. 😉


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3 Responses to Crafty ideas :)

  1. Abhipraya says:

    ooh that looks very good! and thanks for the pointer to the little birdie secrets. Now I have something new to explore 🙂

  2. whizkid says:

    🙂 definitely, you’ll have fun! i loved making it.

    btw, you are also on my list of “nieces and friends” who would get a handmade book, if i ever get to it 😀

  3. Abhipraya says:

    alrighty 🙂 can’t wait then 🙂

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