Mom & pop decided to renovate their home this week, and in the middle of broken tiles, grating machine noises, short tempers, and general madness I missed  Coorg. Missed sitting in comfortable silence with J, sipping coffee in the February chill, hearing the soft sibyls of the announcer from Radio Madikeri in the background, and breathing clear air. I also realised that I have’nt written about the trip, except for my first outburst.


We went to Kakkabe in Dist. Coorg, and stayed at a homestay called Palace Estate. The place is beautifully kept, and its owners are warm and friendly people, who make you feel right at home. 


Palace Estate is almost 3 kms up in the mountains from Kakkabe “town”. The “town” is a small congregation of  probably 10 shops besides a nice flowing stream, with a rickshaw and Jeep stand, where everyone knows everyone, and most of them switch between Malayalam, Kodava, Kannada, Tamil, and English depending on where you come from!


Kakabe is also the place where you gear up if you are planning to trek up on Thadiendemol –  the highest peak in Karnataka. On day two of our trip, we started our ascent, clearly planning on not making it to the top. We walked leisurely, admired red plav leaves, took pictures, smiled at the locals, fought some bugs, and just like that walked back down.


Day one was spent sitting on the rocks at the waterfall. No getting into ‘mandakini’ mode, since the falls are a source of drinking water.  The better part of the day was spent at the Nalknad Palace – a cool, silent and spotlessly maintained “two-storyed palace” built in 1792.  (More on Nalkanad Palace soon.)


Verdict: If you are looking for a calm bit of holiday, away from swinging crowds or blaring ringtones, Kakkabe is highly recommended. Palace Estate is a lovely option. But keep some bars of choclates, or even Khakras on the side for those crunch times between meals 🙂 (Do check their website to getting there, or other interesting places in the area.)


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