Bombay: Kalaghoda Festival

The annual Kalaghoda Arts Festival is currently on in Bombay, and has been showcasing loads of cultural performances for the past few days. Managed to drop in there today to catch some photographs, some dance, some installation art, loads of NGO stalls selling everything from grass mats, to ikat and some absolutely duh artworks from students of art. Its the last day tommorrow, if anyone wants to catch it.

Meanwhile, some stories; some photographs


Visitors to the festival catch a glimpse of Bombay through a Byscope.  The byscope was automated tho’. The charm of a byscope wallah, his narration, and his “clickety-click” as images changed were missing.


“Futures” in the time of recessions. 🙂


Installations: Old and New

(The installation is on the theme of environment while the building behind is David Sasson Library building built in 1870)


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3 Responses to Bombay: Kalaghoda Festival

  1. RS says:

    Walking around Fort (i.e. downtown Bombay) was always fun… Any chance these photos could be made to expand to full screen size?

  2. whizkid says:

    true, walking around “town” is always a pleasure.
    will do something about the pics.

  3. whizkid says:

    photos are enlarged…in a weird way tho’!

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