Wandering Women


J and I met exactly 10 years ago in May 1999, while waiting for our University entrance exam results.  We both got into the course, and followed it up with two years of absolute fun.  Now, 10 yrs later,  after much planning, delibrations, and delays the two of us finally went off to our own little vacation to Coorg. A happy trip full of overnight bus journeys, overpriced food, shin-aching mountain treks, still palaces, wasp bites, glittering water, photography, meeting new friends, “discussing” old “friends”….what a lovely trip we had!



Friends should do this often. 🙂


About whizkid

Photographer. Procrastinator.
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4 Responses to Wandering Women

  1. J says:

    “Friends should do this often!!!” – Three Cheers to that! 😀

  2. whizkid says:

    Yay!! 😀

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