ok, this is proper rant post, and i’m really furious. Watching a film in a cinema house in Calicut is a real pain. There are some real louts out here determined to give everyone else a bad time. How else can this be explained? Smoking in an AC cinema hall, constantly talking on the mobile phones, passing loud comments, checking the phone after every frame…For chrissake, we are watching a film, we are not at some bar!

We were watching SlumDog Millionaire at Crown in Calicut today. This was the third time I was watching a film in this city, and each time the experience has been terrible. At the screening of “Naal Penungal“, an Adoor film, a wierdo in the audience was heard speaking loudly on the phone, “its an art film man.” What did he expect? Four women with blouse buttons undone??? the idiot! During “The Departed”, we got tired of yelling “shut the phone!”.

It is simply bad behaviour. I am paying good money to see a film, and not learn your bloody history that you narrate to your friend sitting in the hall midway into the film. I will yell and ask you to shut up. I am not sorry. You should be. Take a *@(%%#$%#^*&* HIKE and shove that mobile phone and the cigarette up you know where. Grrrrrr!


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3 Responses to Grrrrrr

  1. Dude what you expect from a cinema house which is old enough from the time of freedom fighters!!!and a place which takes no f—ing ‘no’ for any answer–and–which so beautifully historically important.They say the movies are a hit when the audience in Calicut have acknowledged it..That is then and now too.

    I do admit that there is something of a bad manners,which has changed well with time[and is changing]–But yet again far better than spitting of chewable tobbaco products/gutka from planes,pathways,hallways and gallies and even from cars and cinema houses.Pissing like dogs where ever you like[on roads..on streets and on even on sides of pavements…] in the north states of MP,UP,Bihar and not to mention the naxal,home grown ulfa,kilfa–terror groups in north east.

    For your kind acknowledgment..These things are really the things which makes that place–called Calicut in Kerala to be unique[only it is unique in Kerala and is filled with helping hands and not peeping toms around…….]–and I pray to Lord that some attitude of people never changes.In that place–Coz if that is also changing nothing will be left except some mosques,churches and synagogues!!!!

    If you expect audience to be under microscopic lenses–Then you should really consider watching movies only from watch movies in PVR,Inox,Crstalix,IMAX–then you know when you are not even supposed[in between to clap sans the movie is ending—

    But I have seen in many Theaters that AMERICANS wr the world watches with great expectation do have the same tempo–for gud and bad movies—same ‘tempo’ like the Kozhikodanz—U can survey any day..

    Rgds n No Offense
    Gr8 day!!!

  2. Watch more movies for a better survey–not many of them are educated enough to understand too much of English dramas and Hindi contextualization dialogues[[but still]]

    Have you noticed they sit house packed for better movies both Hindi and English like any other regional movies!!!

    I just cant stop—commenting on a weird blog of anger management like this!!!Yes itz just not because am from there—itz coz–I know how it happenz elsewr—how many tickets have you bought in black for a house full show–and that too how many times–itz seriously–deplorable–people should moderate–such—personal– views b4 posting such comments on any blogs—-

    have beautiful day!!!!

  3. whizkid says:

    Govind, I wonder if people make loud comments in a book reading, in an art gallery, a theater/ dance or even a kathakali performance in a temple courtyard.

    Why should it then be difficult to accord a film equal respect? Would it be too much to expect this from an audience in calicut – who are by and large culturally sensitive (and watch films in Crown too, on top of it!)

    People in PVR/ INOX, and in other states of India are free to behave in ways they are comfortable with. Should audiences in calicut/ kerala follow them??

    Just some questions that popped in my head based on your comments. Of course, we can disagree, and your comments – moderated or otherwise – is welcome on this blog.

    you have a great day too! Dude.

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