Village Visit

I spent the last two days walking from village to village in Shahpur Taluka (dist. Thane) looking up aaganwadi’s, talking to SHG’s, listening to pregnant women, and checking out the cleanliness of home toilets in ‘open-defecation free’ villages.  Most of the pictures taken will end up in the report I have to give. Some made it to the blog.

dindiA dindi (pilgrmage) to Bhimashanker makes its way through vill. Aadiwali


A showcase attaches itself to the pillar in a home in village Mohili

children at the school window

Children peak in through the window of an anganwadi at a group meeting (not in the pic)


The winter crop for this region is bhindi. I was told that it gets “exported” to Pune and Bangalore. Cabbages, I believe, are “imported”  from somewhere else. 🙂


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  1. Lovely light in all of them.

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