Aim. Shoot. Download.

Jalgaon 1

Long long ago, me and Cku went on an assignment to rural Jalgaon in Maharashtra to document a photo-story. In those ancient times I used to handle a Nikon Coolpix 3100, with a 256 mb card. We were to be on the field for some days, and there was every chance that we would run out of disk space before the assignment was over. A bit later, when photos began to pile up, I crossed my fingers, took an auto and went around town hunting for a digital photo studio. Frankly, I did not have much hope. I was prepared to check out a computer shop who would download my files for me on a CD. Turned out to be one of my luckiest day.

I found this studio in a relatively new shopping centre in central Jalgaon. The studio-guy was knowledgeable, had a good PC with working USB ports, an OS that took up the cable without a murmur, a good stock of blank CDs and a CD writer. He zipped through all the paraphernalia, downloaded all my pictures, burned everything on a CD, and made my day.

That was when I realised how much I loved technology. It is so fantastic to have smooth and working equipments, all in order, right at our finger tips. How it simply eases up our lives. But usually there are also these duh!’s who will act smart about it. I have met a few who make a big deal  of a simple download. If only there were people not complicating things, life would be really sorted  🙂


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