New lamps for Old

ok, this post is really a bit late. But my comp conked off, and i had a huge bout of net-withdrawal symptoms. But things are quite in order now 🙂

So Bangladeshi film-set-designer is making a replica of the Taj Mahal, spending more than $58 million simply because Bangaldeshi citizens who cannot make it to the real Taj can see it on their home turf. Noble idea, I say.  TOI carried a news item on how the Indian Embassy in Bangladesh is fuming about this alleged ‘infringement of copyright’. Ha Ha. Why? The Taj Mahal is priceless and irreplaceable. Its beauty is without parallel. There can be no substitute for the real thing. But everyone everywhere has a right enjoy its beauty. Even if its through a replica. So what’s the big deal, I wondered.


K however reminded me that such was not my generosity a year ago. I had fumed, fretted and cursed when Ram Gopal Verma tried to remake Sholay. All I have to say to the charge is this: The Taj Mahal belongs to the realm of the divine. Its poetry, its romance, its truth transcends petty things like politics or regional chauvinism.  Sholay however is for mere mortals like us. Leave that alone.







Taj photo sourced from Wiki Commons

Sholay photo came by in an email. But its treasured nevertheless. 


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