"I spent my I -day weekend at…!"

Undoubtedly the world and its uncle are on tour for the three day I-day/Raksha Bandan/Sunday break.
Indy from office has gone to Delhi to be with her family. Monu has gone to Goa. Matheran, Malshej Ghat, Lonavala…. the usual monsoon suspects in and around Bombay, stopped taking bookings ages ago.

Every time an official holiday-weekend combo turns up, it takes me by surprise. It seems that everyone except me knows about it, and plans for it as well. I suppose that a person interested in traveling should be keeping tabs on such days, but somehow I never do! We end up making our plans irrespective of this.

No problem about that tho. Companies employing journalists want to bring out a paper daily…I-day or not. People working from home are expected to turn in things on time. Not necessarily “office-time”. So perhaps it does not work for us in any case.

The real pain, however, is in answering other enthusiastic travelers that “No, I did not go anywhere during the long weekend.”…and then tolerate expressions like ” WHAT???”, ” You did not go ANYWHERE?!!!”, “Why NOT??” and/or “What a LOSS!!”

I am all for holidays. But I don’t want to be pressurized into going for a holiday, just because a block of official off’s popped up. It’s supposed to be a break, remember.

Sometimes curling in bed, and sleeping for three days straight is as good a way to spend your holiday as any.


(photo by K)


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