A Rose by any other name……

Street Signs

Street names in Bombay began losing their charm when the name-change-mania swept madly across the city and the state. This city actually had streets named Harkness Road, Home Street, Rampart Road and Ridge Road. (Its now Jamnadas Mehta Road, Charanjit Rai Marg, Khushroo Dubash Marg, Bal Gangadhar Kher Marg respectively. How romantic!)

While we are busy changing colonial names, Singapore’s Little India continues to retain Indian street names, complete with their ‘colonial’ spellings.

Two years ago, when I first visited Mussorie , I came across such a sign-post for the first time. (Till then my experience was limited to illustrations accompanying articles on career choices.)
Of the cities I have visited, Delhi has by far, very interesting street names: you leave the airport and land on Ullan Battar Road. Keep traveling on the same road, and miles later you come across Africa Avenue. Old Delhi has its own jem collection topped with Paranthewalli Galli. When I was in Delhi, I really wanted to click my pictures besides those name plates… but well.
Thankfully though, I did go to through ” Ballimaran ke mohalle ki wo pecheeda dalilon ki si galiyan…..

…इस्सी बेनूर अँधेरी सी गल्ली कासिम से एक तरतीब चरागों की शुरू होती है,
एक पुराना सुखन का सफा खुलता है
अस्सदुल्लाह खां ग़ालिब का पता मिलता है…!

Mirza Ghalib’s Memorial today….
well, so much for Gulzar’s poetry. The area, as the pics show are nothing to write home about 😦
More Later!


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2 Responses to A Rose by any other name……

  1. SloganMurugan says:

    Well, people in Mumbai continue to use the old name…

  2. Whizkid says:

    🙂 true.
    its love for the old name, and a political statement.

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