Stations, Destinations

While I have plenty of (smashing) travel photos, I have sometimes taken (really bad) photos of train station. Invariably, its a last minute thought, or they are shot thorough a dirty window of the train/ vehicle I am travelling in. So here goes.
Aligarh (2006). I have always been facinated with this place, mainly because of the romance that surrounds Aligarh Muslim University. So when I was travelling from Delhi to Lucknow on the Shatabdi, and came across Aligarh, my camera promtly shot out.
Patna (2006). Working in Delhi had its perks. I got to visit Patna for the first time. In my notes from those days, I have mentioned (with an obvious Bombay Superiority Complex) that Patna station is no bigger than apna Dadar!

Puttur (Feb 2008). Most stations carry the station name in three languages: the regional language, Hindi and English. I came across Puttur on the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, while traveling from Bombay to Chennai, on the Chennai Express. It carried the name in four languages. I am sure this would be a feature in many regions overlapping different states, but this was a first for me.

…. then saw this photo in my collection. Bhagalpur , Bihar (2006). Once again, 4 languages – Hindi, Bangla, English and Urdu. Btw, Bhagalpur is close to Darbhanga dist. – literally translated “Doorway to Bengal’, apart from having a huge local bangla population, which perhpas explains its prescence here.

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3 Responses to Stations, Destinations

  1. berto xxx says:

    I like this blog. for real!

    berto xxx

  2. Kannan says:

    One more thing about Puthur. Look close and you can see the board has been re-done. In earlier avatar, the name was written in Tamil, which now has been overwritten in Telugu. Andhra superiority? Maybe.

  3. SloganMurugan says:

    More please for us desktop travellers.

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