Living in Bombay and not being to Alibag??? My feeling is that a random survey of 10 bombayites would reveal that atleast 6 would have been to Alibag, or planning to go to in the immediate future.

Just hop on a trawler from Gateway of India, and an hour later you land at Mandwa. Take a bus, jeep, or a long long walk and you hit Alibag…just after Kihim.

Alernately take a road vehicle, and drive up to Panvel, take the turn to Karnala, and stay on it till you enter Alibag, via Pen. Its a nice, clean stretch of the road, more so on a weekday 🙂
We took a borrowed bike and hit the roads the looooong way…from Thane to Panvel via vashi and belapur. Eventually tho’ we hit the right road, after burning up a lot of oil, and our bums.

We decided to go to Alibaug on a weekday out of choice, with the clear intention of avoiding hordes of Bombay wallahs who hit the beaches on weekends. And during our two day stay there, I simply had to agree to the wisdom of our decision. Practically empty beaches…except for the local fisherboys netting their daily catch, little outbound or inbound traffic on the streets, and relaxed atmosphere in restaurants.

Yes, Alibag on a weekday is greatly recommended.


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